Resource client working ... elimination of funny codes.

John Shott shott at
Thu Mar 28 17:37:01 PST 2002

Bill and Mike:

I am pleased to report that the resource client now appears to be working when
talking to a Postgres database.

The "funny character" that seemed to be causing the problem is an ASCII
character 141 (decimal), \215 octal, or 8D Hex.  It appears as if the Oracle
to Postgres conversion faithfully read and reloaded this character.  Why it
seems to be the Corba communication that dies only when talking to the
Postgres database and not apparently, when receiving the same character from
an Oracle database ... I have no idea.

In any event, elimination of firstname = R\215 for member with name = cnri0452
and cnri0477 and elination of members with name kle\215 and
standard\215\215\215 and elimnation of their entries in works_on ... caused
things to spring to life.

Bill, I think that this may be a "Mary Donoghue strikes again" situation
because all of these entries date from her tenure.  I've got a vague
recollection that we encountered this problem in the past ... and that the
"trim" that is now doen in the resource client (as opposed to the old "add"
client) may have fixed that problem.

Just so that nobody has to look it up ... the oracle and postgres statements
that find  these abnormal firstnames are:

	select name from member where firstname = concat('R',chr(141));

	select name from member where firstname = 'R\215';

Tomorrow morning (Friday), I'm going to try to do a nice, clean install of
both the -dev server (Server = guilden, database = oracle on bopeep) and the
-linux server (Server = spf, database = postgres on spf).

At that point, we should be able to tag what we have and be reasonably certain
that it is a big improvement over the last tagged version.

Thanks ... enjoy the final bit of Java One.


p.s. This morning we appeared to experience about a 10 minute Coral outage ...
a second copy of the Admin Server apparently tried to start which, I think,
killed the first one which then caused all of the clients to need to restart.
While I can't be certain ... I don't think that I accidentally started a
second set of servers and it wasn't a time that I was playing with servers on
other machines ... although I'm sure that I'm the prime suspect and can't rule
out that did something stupid.

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