CORAL History info

Bill Murray bmurray at
Tue May 21 10:58:05 PDT 2002


I really appreciate your prompt reporting of Coral problems.  In this case,
you saved us some money.  As far as the source of the problem, I do know
that the equipment manager failed to update the database during the 5 day
period you identified.  However I don't know why it broke.  I have saved
all the logs from the 5-day period and will review them in detail as soon 
as I get the time.

Please continue to report any problems as soon as you notice them.


On Tue, 21 May 2002, Len Booth wrote:

> Bill -
> 	It looks like CORAL history functions
> are working again, since around 10am yesterday.
> There is still a 5 day period, from about
> 10am Wed 5/15 until 10am yesterday where all
> the history fields are blank (the only exception 
> I've found so far is the wafersaw, which seems
> to have been enabled by hkung the whole time).
> Thanks for looking into this.  Do you know 
> why it broke?		Len

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