PSU Coral Running

Bill Murray bmurray at
Wed May 22 01:01:27 PDT 2002

Mike and Guy,

The Coral database is up, loaded with your data, and running on brain.
I have created initialization and termination scripts to automatically 
start and stop the database appropriately when brain changes init states.
John and I have the Coral servers installed and running on platinum2.  You 
can view the logs in /var/log/coral.  We have also created the appropriate
initialization and termination scripts to start and stop the Coral servers. 
The servers and clients all bootstrap themselves by going to a well-know
URL to get the interoperable object reference (IOR) of the admin server.
This requires an web server to be running on platinum2.  We have used
the apache web server that you had already installed.  We used the default
configuration file and confirmed that the apache initialization script runs 
before the Coral servers start.

The clients are installed on both brain and platinum.  John successfully
ran your client from the SNF.   To run the client, you need to type 
"/usr/local/bin/coral".  You will probably want to modify your path to
include /usr/local/bin and /usr/local/sbin (which contains the shell
script to start/stop/restart/status the servers).  Please check your
equipment hierarchy to confirm that it is correct.

John was able to make a reservation, enable and disable equipment, and set 
his remote password.  He fired up the resource client and added members
"lavallee" and "rogosky".   He created a project called "Demo Project" that 
is currently your default project.  Demo Project charges to account Demo 

Since we don't have the root password (and don't want or need it) on
apollo and sol, we were unable to install the clients on those machines.
When you're ready to install the clients on those machines, let us know
and then we can modify or show you the appropriate configuration file to
modify.  Then, as root, on platinum2, you will need to run "gmake install"
in /usr/local/coral/src/labnet.

Since the user coral owns the source and most Coral-related files on
brain and platinum2, I have set coral's home directory to /usr/local/coral
and created a simple .profile with a rough cut at the appropriate 
environment.  You will probably want to modify this and create an
appropriate profile for root with things like gmake and rsync in the path.
Please note that I have set the SITE environment variable to psu for the
user coral.  This variable must be set to correctly compile the code
based on your site's configuration.   If you wish to compile the code
under your accounts, you will need to set SITE to psu.

If and/or when you need to recompile the code, I have some suggestions
to help keep the ownership and file permissions set properly.

We have not installed any of the remote client code.  To do this we need
to know which machine will be running your site's web server.  The remote
install will then rsync the appropriate files to that machine.  To run
the remote client stuff, you will need Zelix KlassMaster (which will
cost $199).  Please contact John about how to order it so that you can
get the educational price.

A few final questions.  

I need the name of the mail host where all PSU lab members will have an
email account or alias.  I tentatively set this to apollo in the database.

I need the name of the mail host where all equipment mailing lists will
reside.  Once again I tentatively set this to apollo.

Let John or me know if you have any problems or questions.


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