PSU Coral Running

Bill Murray bmurray at
Wed May 22 23:11:17 PDT 2002


That's my mistake.  John must have run the client from platinum2.  
Here's what happened.  During testing, I installed the clients and
servers on brain.  When we moved the servers to platinum2, the 
revised configuration files were not copied to brain.  Hence your
client was using the configuration files I created for running
against the servers on brain.  I believe I have the problem corrected.
(I can't test this from home.)  If not, send me email, and go ahead and
run the client from platinum2.


On Wed, 22 May 2002, Guy Lavallee wrote:

> Bill,
> 	I tried to run coral as Lavallee and always get the following
> error message: Unable to get AdminManager IOR retry in 3 sec any idea
> why?
> Guy

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