Suggestion: add a clock

John Shott shott at
Thu Oct 3 18:29:30 PDT 2002


It's not perfectly obvious to me why a clock is of use in Remote Coral ... can
you provide me with additional details?  Are you in a different time zone
where your current time doesn't match out current time? Even if that is the
case, why is that important?  Afterll, you are making the reservation in the
future and will be here by then, will you not?

While I appreciate your taking the time to offer a suggestion, I'm not sure
that I yet understand the problem that this will solve.  Can you elaborate a

Trying to send out "the current time is ..." messages would, I think, be a
fair amount of overhead and load on the servers (depending on how frequently
we updated things) and is always off by the network latency ... which over a
dialin connection can probably be a couple of seconds. But, with more
explanation, maybe I'll understand the problem better ....



> Hello,
> Just a suggestion, how about adding a clock on the
> corner of the coral window sychronized to coral
> time... it'd be a great help when reserving STS time
> for us remote users!
> Just my two cents worth...
> Thanks,
> David.

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