Atu wierdness ...

John Shott shott at
Wed Sep 11 10:35:37 PDT 2002

Bill and Mike:

I still have been unable to get local coral clients to run on any machine
other than atu itself (although I can get the remote client to run) ... it
clearly makes it impossible to switch over to the atu servers until this
problem is resolved as clients have to be able to run from sunray. (I've tried
to run a local coral-dev client from both shott and from bopeep with the same
results ...)

It seems to be able to get the IOR from the web page, then says "Bound to
AdminServer" ... which I know only means that it is going to try to reach the
admin server, and not that it succeeded, and then it gets CORBA timeouts. It
seems to me that the IOR that it gets must be OK or clients on atu or remote
clients wouldn't run. Correct?

One other thing that seems a bit suspicious is that '/usr/sbin/traceroute'
can't find when run from atu ... although it can find and all of the machines behind the firewall.  I don't know
whether this means that we have some sort of a network problem ... but that is
what my suspicion is.

Finally, paths don't seem to be set up properly ... for make (for root at
least) it finds /usr/ccs/bin/make (which doesn't work for us ...) instead of



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