Coral Problems

John Shott shott at
Thu Sep 26 07:29:20 PDT 2002


This is likely due to having either intentionally or unintentionally loaded a
new version of Java (1.4.0 or newer) ... this often happens if you downloaded
a recent version of Netscape.

The problem is that Sun/Java changed their JCE (Java Cryptography Extenstion)
stuff in a way that causes the public-domain cryptography stuff that we use
for encrypting/decrypting passwords to no longer work.  The short term fix,
however, is fairly simple ... and shouldn't adverseley affect anything else
that you are doing:

Somewhere on your machine, you will find a file name "jce.jar" that probably
lives in some directory/folder that is named soemthing like: "..../jre/lib". 
You need to find this file and rename it "jce.jar.ignore" so that jce.jar no
longer exists (plus, once we get a more permament solution with a new
public-domain security provider, you will be able to restore this
functionality by moving jce.jar.ignore back to jce.jar)).

If you do that, I'm confident that remote coral will begin to work again.

Good luck,


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