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Y.C Fu ycfu at
Tue Apr 29 20:35:02 PDT 2003

Hi Coral staff,

I sent the following email to ask for help last Wednesday and I have
received no response at all.  I am not sure who I should direct my question
to.  Can someone please help me?  Should I send my question to
labmembers at to ask for help from other labmembers?  I need
to reserve time slots for the STS DRIE machine.  My home and work place is
too far from school, therefore I need to remote log in.  I believe my
computer and network is all right because I had used remote Coral last year.
Please, please help!

Best regards,

Yeechung Fu  Ph.D.
Advanced Nano Systems

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From: Y.C Fu [mailto:ycfu at]
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To: John Shott
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Subject: cannot launch remote Coral

  Hi John,

  I wonder if you can help me solve this problem.  I have tried to launch
remote coral on my computer and it showed the following error message:

  Unable to launch Coral Remote (SNF).
  An error occurred while launching/running the application.
  Title: Coral Remote (SNF)
  Vendor: Stanford Nanofabrication Facility
  Category: Download Error
  Unable to load resource:

  I have downloaded and installed Java Web start 1.2.  I have set up my
remote password at SNF.  Thanks for your help.  I had used remote coral
before and I had removed the old coral and Java Web Start.

  Thanks for your help.

  Yeechung Fu
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