trouble with Coral inside SNF

John Shott shott at
Wed Aug 20 08:34:59 PDT 2003


Although I don't know exactly what got your sessions into that state ... I 
know how to fix it:

Basically, your session is trying to use the Open Windows environment instead 
of the Common Desktop Environment ... and, once it is set for Open Windows it 
will continue to use it because it uses whatever was used last time by defaults.

So, to fix this:

Before you type your login name in the login window, notice that there is a 
button named "Options".

Click the "Options" button which will give you a pulldown menu.  Select the 
"Sessions" sub-menu item.  THis will give you 4 choices"

You will likely see that "Use window manager from previous session" (or 
something like that) is selected.  You will also see, "Use Open Windows", "Use 
Common Desktop Environment", and "Use Failsafe Session".

Select "Use Commonn Desktop Environment" ... then log in normally.
This should get you a good coral session and the proper environment this time 
... and it should fix it in the future as well.

Good luck,


> Hi John,
> I spoke with Jane Edwards and she redirected me to you.
> I am a new user at the SNF. I got access a while ago, but have only just started to really use the equipment.
> On Friday, I entered the SNF (my card does not let me in... someone else did), but when I logged on to any computer (to try and enable the MRC etcher that I needed to use... ), Coral did not start up: I got a few windows; one which looked like a File Manager, another one which showed the "bash" prompt, a third which told me how to use the desktop and the mouse (!) and a fourth asking me to register Solaris or some such thing - but no Coral. I believe Coral is supposed to start automatically when one logs in - it didn't. I did not know how to manually start it either. Finally, Nancy Latta had to enable the MRC for me. The same thing happened today... and I decided to do something about it.
> I heard that someone else also had a similar problem and you fixed that. I hope you can help and set this right. Thanks.
> My details:
> Coral login: vigneshg
> SUNet Id: 05113404
> Email: vigneshg at
> Incidentally, Remote Coral works on my laptop in the office.
> - Vignesh 

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