Mary Tang mtang at
Thu Aug 21 15:07:35 PDT 2003

Hi Dawei --

I am replying to both you and to coral at snf -- the Coral Developers should
be able to help you.  Typically, when you are qualified on a system after
being trained, you will get an email asking if you want to subscribe to
these equipment lists.  If you haven't gotten these emails, please notify
coral at snf (there was a period of upgrades when certain services were
unavailable -- maybe your qualifications came during this time?)

If you would like to see the archived equipment discussion group emails,
please check out:



David Wang wrote:

> Dear Mary,
> This is Dawei Wang from UC Irvine, an out side user of SNF. I have been
> qualified
> on several equipments in SNF, including Raith, Innotek, SVG coat, SVG
> developer,
> Karl Suss, Headway spiner. But I have never received any email from the
> user group
> of these equipments. Can you help me check what the problem is?
> My Coral logon name is: dwang.
> Thank you!
> Dawei

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