History question?

John D Shott shott at stanford.edu
Wed Dec 3 08:26:35 PST 2003


The short answer is "no".  Basically, equipment use isn't entered into the
eq_activity table until the use is completed ... and it is the eq_activity
table that contains what is displayed in the history table. There is a table
called current_eq that contains all of the information pertinent to all of
the equipment currently in use ... that is, equipment that has been enabled
but no disabled.  At this point, the data in current_eq is not visible
within the coral client.  One option, I think, might be to add the
capability to double-click on a piece of enabled equipment and see the
details of the current_eq record that would show when it had been enabled.



Quoting Mary Tang <mtang at snf.stanford.edu>:

> Hi Coral guys --
> Just a question...  A situation (or series of situations) came up...
> There are a couple of labmembers who have left machines enabled for long
> periods of time after use -- and a couple of other labmembers who have
> complained because they thought the machines were in use by the enabler
> and so didn't use them.  They didn't have reservations, so no reason to
> enable over the first people.  I guess it hadn't occured to me before,
> but it looks like you can't really tell from Coral History how long the
> current enabler has had the machine enabled (otherwise, it would have
> been clear that these people just forgot to disable the machines.)  Is
> there another simple way for labmembers to tell how long a current
> enable session has been going?
> Thanks,
> Mary
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