Remote Coral Problem

Yiching Liang Yiching_Liang at
Wed Dec 3 14:38:03 PST 2003

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I am a new industry user at SNF. I'm trying to set up remote Coral at
my office so I can view/edit reservations. I've installed Java WebStart
(version 1.2) successfully. 

When I clicked on "Launch Remote Coral " from the SNF website., a Java
WebStart logo was displayed briefly, then an error message "Java Web
Start - Invalid Argument error: Unable to launch the specified
application." There are 2 buttons on the error dialog. If I click "OK",
then the process is aborted. If I click "Details", the following is

"An error occurred while launching/running the application.

Category: Invalid Argument error

Could not load file/URL specified: C:\Documents and
Settings\YLiang\Local Settings\Temporary Internet

I went into the specified directory, but there is no "Content.IE5"
subdirectory under my "Temporary Internet Files" folder. In fact
there're no subdirectories at all in that folder, just files. Is there
some settings I need to change in my computer? Or is this the network
COBRA problem that I should discuss with our IT guys?

I would really like to start making reservations on Coral as soon as
possible. And since I'm off-site, getting remote Coral set up is very
urgent. Your help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Coral name: yiching

Yiching Liang
R&D Engineer, IonWorks
Molecular Devices
1311 Orleans Dr.
Sunnyvale, CA 94089
Direct: 408-548-6011
Fax: 408-747-0965

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