Remote Coral Problem

John Shott shott at
Wed Dec 3 15:49:46 PST 2003


It would be useful if you could generate a full set of diagnostics ...

You can do this by:

1. Starting up Java Web Start (there should be either an Icon on your desktop 
or something in your Start menu if JWS has been properly installed.

2. Go to the preferences menu item and click it.  THis will open a window with 
3 or 4 panels.  Open the "Advanced" which should then allow you to select 
logging and a file name:  Anything will do ... something where you can find 
the file like:

3. Then exit that java web start session and try to re-start remote coral. 
Hopefully this will generate some useful details in C:\JavaWS.txt.  Send me 
that file and I'll try to help ...


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