Coral password problem

Yiching Liang Yiching_Liang at
Mon Dec 8 16:19:18 PST 2003


I am having problem changing my pre-assigned Coral password. 

>From a Sun terminal inside the lab, I followed the instructions I got,
and ran the command "ssh snf" under a console terminal. From there, I
changed my password and closed the window. But after I logged out of
Coral and tried to log back in, I still have to use the old pre-assigned
password to log in. But after I log in, if I do "ssh snf" again, it
recognizes my new password. I did this several times and it's still the
same. So somehow my password was changed for the ssh connection, but not
in the main login screen. 

This is not a critical problem, but I'd like to get it resolved so I can
use a password that is easier to remember. Thanks!

coral name: yiching

Yiching Liang
R&D Engineer, IonWorks
Molecular Devices
1311 Orleans Dr.
Sunnyvale, CA 94089
Direct: 408-548-6011
Fax: 408-747-0965

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