Final shutdown of "old style" accounts and projects ....

John Shott shott at
Tue Dec 9 15:09:35 PST 2003

Jane, Bill, and Mike:

I think that it is finally time to shutdown all of the old style projects and 

I propose shutting them down with a manual SQL command that will give them an 
edate of '01-Dec-2003'.  I believe I can find the ones that need to be 
shutdown by selecting those things where:

UPDATE account
SET edate = '01-Dec-2003', active = 0
WHERE name(length) = 7 and (name like '1%' or name like '2%' or name like 
'9%') and active = 1 and edate is null;

Then, I think that I can do equivalent things for the project, charges_to, and 
works_on tables.

This will occasionally result in someone who hasn't got their numbers 
converted not being able to fire up Coral ... but, they've all had numerous 
warnings.  The only thing that I may do is contact Eric P (who still has a 
handful of oldstyle account numbers) and see which of those should still be 



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