Reboot and sluggish behavior ....

John Shott shott at
Fri Dec 12 08:38:45 PST 2003

Bill and Mike:

I just rebooted the servers at about 8 a.m. ... they didn't have a problem, 
but I wanted to restart the rscmgr after all of the old style accounts and 
projects had been deactivated.

While I can't imagine why a reboot would have made a difference, at the moment 
the Coral client on Sunstar is behaving in an extremely sluggish fashion ... 
it takes forever to respond to mouse clicks and get things repainted.  The 
load on both sunstar and on atu is virtually 0 and I/O waits are also low.

So, I can't quite figure what is going on.  Does anyone know of anything else 
going on?  While the resource client could be behaving badly if I did 
something silly in terms of hiding/showing inactive members/projects/accounts 
(although that client has been released for a couple of weeks) ... I can't 
figure out why the "normal" client would be slow even if I did screw anything up.

I'm about to go up and run a client on the sunstar console and a remote client 
to see if there is any evidence of a network problem.

Talk to you later,


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