Atu reboot ...

John Shott shott at
Tue Dec 16 02:02:33 PST 2003

Bill and Mike:

Funny what some folks think of as an emergency at 1 a.m. ... I got a call at 1 
a.m. from someone in the lab notifying me that Coral was dead.

 From home I could get to snf and some of the other machines (but not atu) as 
root ... but not as myself which led me to believe that atu wasn't up enough 
to have the RAID mounted.

When I got in, atu had tried to reboot ... but had gotten to the "run fsck 
manually" stage.

So, I ran fsck manually and it asked if I wanted to fix 6-8 things.  All but 
one of them were "counts" that were 0 and should have been 2 on /home/User.

In any event, after running fsck, it began to reboot normally ... although it 
did take time to spit out a crash dump for the machine named reef ... which, 
to be honest, seemed a little strange.  That stuff is sitting in /var/crash ...

So, I don't know what brought us down, but we are back up ... and the 
"emergency" have been averted.

Talk to you later,


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