Tousimis Critical Point Dryer (cpd)

Bill Murray bmurray at
Thu Jun 5 10:40:04 PDT 2003

Jim, Dick, and Mary,

I have added the Tousimis Critical Point Dryer to Coral under the "Wet
Benches" with the name "cpd".  It is interlocked and using channel 14 on 
card 1 which had been used by the spectrum2.  My understanding is
that the spectrum2 will be used in the future so I have left it in the
equipment tree under "Metalization & Sputtering."  However, it is no longer

I have created the equipment mailing lists: cpd and cpd-pcs.  Please
remember that no one (other than staff) are currently qualified on the cpd.

Since I'm not familiar with the cpd, I have not identfied any other
equipment that the cpd requires to operate.  Please let me know if there
are any facilities or equipment that the cpd requires (meaning you shouldn't
be allowed to enable the cpd if the facility or equipment is down).

Finally, I have tested everything as thorougly as I can.  Please let me
know if you observe any problems.


PS  I will be on vacation tomorrow and at a conference next week.
    I will check my email in the evenings. 

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