Thermco furnaces

Bill Murray bmurray at
Mon Jun 30 14:35:02 PDT 2003


I need a couple of pieces of additional information for each piece of
equipment: a description and a location in the lab.  For example, 
the "cpd" description is 'Tousimis Critical Point Dryer' and the location
is 'L109'.  

As soon as I get that information and John's approval of the equipment
names, I will add the four pieces of equipment.


On Mon, 30 Jun 2003, Ted Berg wrote:

>                                     Coral associations
> Hi John,
>     Items that should prevent the tubes from running:
>         Burn box-brnbx6(new)-nitride and poly
>         house gases-hh2-f3,hn2-f1,ho2-f2,uhp-n2-f5-tubes 1 and 2 oxides
>         mda-f22-nitride and poly
>         exhaust-exhsc-2-f68-all tubes
>         NH3-nitride-f23
>         DCS-nitride-f46
>         PH3-Poly
>         SiH4-Poly
>          B2H6-Poly
> John,
>  the Thermco furnaces are getting very close to operation-at least from
> my perspective.  Could you please add the following ports/info to coral:
> in Furnaces:
>     Thermox1                 card 3 relay2      dataport-77
>     Thermox2                 card 3 relay3      dataport-78
> in LPCVD:
>     ThermPoly1              card 3 relay4    dataport-79
>     ThermNitr1               card 3 relay5    dataport-80

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