problems installing coral remote on a laptop...

Mark Topinka mtopinka at
Mon May 5 14:46:41 PDT 2003

      I am having problems getting remote coral to work on my laptop.  I've 
successfully installed it on other machines, so I'm not sure what the 
problem is... I have a Dell Latitude C640 running Windows XP, and I've 
tried both non-beta versions of the Java download you suggest.  When I 
click on the "launch remote coral" link, it opens up the Java Web Start 
window, then pops up an error dialog "Java Webstart - Download Error.. : 
Unable to launch coral remote".  When I click on "details" I get the message

"An error occurred while launching/running the application.

Title: Coral Remote (SNF)
Vendor: Stanford Nanofabrication Facility
Category: Download Error

Bad MIME type returned from server when accessing resource: - text/html"

Any ideas what might be going wrong?  Thanks in advance.  -Mark Topinka, 
mtopinka at 

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