URGENT Coral Problems!

Zhilong Rao zlrao at stanford.edu
Thu May 8 18:13:08 PDT 2003

Hi, John

I have tried again and again to login into coral. I still have no acess to
start coral after login. I am waiting for some good news from you about the
problem. Did you find out any way to fix it? I would greatly appreciate it
if you could set a meeting with me to discuss possible solution to this
problem. If possible, I'd like another new coral account set for me, since I
really urgently need acess to coral.

Thanks a lot!

Zhilong Rao
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Subject: Re: URGENT Coral Problems!

> Janine and zlrao ... I found a couple of mysterious things related to how
> account was set up and tried to fix them.  Why don't you try to log in
> and tell me if there is any change?
> Thanks,
> John

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