Atu and sunstar reboot ... it was me.

John Shott shott at
Wed Sep 10 08:48:16 PDT 2003

Bill and Mike:

You may have noticed that atu and sunstar were rebooted this morning.  There 
wasn't a problem ... I rebooted to apply a bunch of patches that are required, 
ultimately, for installing mozilla.  Of course, installing mozilla isn't 
simply a matter of installing mozilla ...

Installing mozilla ... it took me a while to find a Solaris-ready version, but 
it turns out that Sun has mozilla 1.2.1 available on their website (although 
1.4 is the latest "production" release for linux and windows ..

To install mozilla, however, requires glib and GTK+ libraries that are 
installed as a part of the GNOME package.  (By the way, apparently on Solaris 
9 and into the future, Sun will no longer support Open Windows and will be 
including CDE and Gnome as their 2 desktop environments. Naturally, to install 
gnome, there are more patches required ...

So, what have I done thus far:

Patches required for mozilla, gnome, and j2sdk 1.4.1 are all installed on both 
atu and sunstar.

Gnome is installed on atu and I'm about to install it on sunstar ... this 
seemed to be the easiest way to get the proper libraries.

Interestingly, the version of mozilla that we have recommends Java 1.4.2 ... 
which we don't yet have on either atu or sunstar.  However, I didn't want to 
go ahead with the Mozilla install until we thought that this would be a 
reasonable thing to do ... so, at the moment, I haven't actually yet installed 



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