Major problems with accounting for lindaw

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Tue Apr 20 21:31:29 PDT 2004

Jane, et all, 
I just got an account summary that you sent to Nanostructures for 9/03 to 
4/04 and there is a huge problem with the new accounting.  Everything I have done 
for multiple clients, including training,  (eksigent technologies, 
lilliputian systems inc, photon imaging) are all being charged to Nanostructures.  I 
have not done any work for Nanostructures here since October 10, 2003.  I make 
darn sure to charge each account for the time I spend on their projects using 
the pull down menu in coral reservations and equipment enabling.  Apparently, 
just because Nanostructures is my default account, they are being charged for 
all of my "indirect costs" (which I assume is time that I am "logged in" to 
coral) and actual equipment time.  This is totally wrong.  I know you all are busy 
with the open house, but I really need to address this issue, as it may 
affect not only me, but other members who are working on multiple projects.

Linda W.
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