Major problems with accounting for lindaw

John Shott shott at
Wed Apr 21 08:35:20 PDT 2004

In terms of training activity, that is a case where the appropriate staff
member needs to be specifically told that this training activity goes to a
specific project ... maybe they were told and they simply didn't do anything
about it.  Also, inventory items (or mask making activity) also need to be
written so that the proper account gets charged.  Since this is a somewhat
manual process, it is often prone to human error and, if nothing is done to
override it, your default project will get charged for everything ... this
may be a case where you should ask for your default project to be changed to
the most likely candidate.
However, when I generate a full report of your activities, I see that some
of those other accounts such as Lilliputian, Eksigent, etc. have been
charged for your usage on their behalf.  In other words, I'm reasonably
confident that when you enabled equipment for your non-default project that
it did, in fact, get attributed to that other project and account.  It
appears is if you were looking only at the Nanostructures activities rather
than the full set of your activities.

I've generated 3 excel files that represent all of your usage since
September 1, 03.  The file named Linda Whittlesley should represent the
charges that would appear on monthly statements for each of your projects
(note: these won't include the 60% ovehead item that is added automatically
during billing).  There is also a file name LindaWActivitySum that
represents the monthly totals for equipment usage (well, it also includes
resrvations, and lab activity ... but we don't charge for those anyhow).
Finally, there is the full, gory detail of each element of equipment usage
... and, I think, you'll see that the usage attrributed to each of your
projects carries through to the summary tables and ultimately to the billing
So, I can certainly beleive that the training and inventory items got sent
to the wrong project because both of those are depenendent on other people
knowing and entering that information.  If you want to tell me where those
items should be directed, we will make the apporpriate corrections in our
database and will make the appropriate journal that will credit
Nanostructures and debit the appropriate party.  If you see other items that
need correction, please bring them to my attention or if you disagree with
my assessment that equipment enabled to non-Nanostructures folks did, in
fact, get billed to them.

p.s. I'm actually going to be away starting at about noon today until May 2.
So, if you let Jane Edwards know of any changes in the trainining and
inventory charges, she can likely enter the corrective journal into the
accounting system before the end of the month and then I can make the
corrections in the database upon my return.
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