[Fwd: Two minor issues in lab]

John Shott shott at snf.stanford.edu
Thu Aug 12 06:57:54 PDT 2004


Yes, we have a pretty good supply of spares of most Sunray items 
including the "heart" of the Sunray, keyboards, and mice.  The only area 
where we are a little thin is in monitors ... we probably have 2-3 
displays on hand plus I have a 15 inch LCD monitor as a hot spare for 
any failures.  We are intentionally running that inventory down as we 
expect to never purchase another monitor ... and will replace all 
monitors with suitable 15" or 17" replacements as the need arises.

The keyboard to which Scott refers has been replaced ... I didn't do a 
comprehensive survey to identify other sticking mice.  E-mail to 
computer at snf.stanford.edu for Coral hardware should result in quick 
resolution of those issues.



p.s. Mike ... do we just toss dead Sunray keyboards and mice or does 
their excellent replacement plan for the guts of a Sunray extend to 
keyboard and mice?

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