[Fwd: Two minor issues in lab]

Mary Tang mtang at snf.stanford.edu
Thu Aug 12 07:26:24 PDT 2004

THANKS!!   (And we'll put a list together of "sticky mice".)


John Shott wrote:

> Mary:
> Yes, we have a pretty good supply of spares of most Sunray items
> including the "heart" of the Sunray, keyboards, and mice.  The only area
> where we are a little thin is in monitors ... we probably have 2-3
> displays on hand plus I have a 15 inch LCD monitor as a hot spare for
> any failures.  We are intentionally running that inventory down as we
> expect to never purchase another monitor ... and will replace all
> monitors with suitable 15" or 17" replacements as the need arises.
> The keyboard to which Scott refers has been replaced ... I didn't do a
> comprehensive survey to identify other sticking mice.  E-mail to
> computer at snf.stanford.edu for Coral hardware should result in quick
> resolution of those issues.
> Thanks,
> John
> p.s. Mike ... do we just toss dead Sunray keyboards and mice or does
> their excellent replacement plan for the guts of a Sunray extend to
> keyboard and mice?

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