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Hi Dirk --

The link should appear on this page:

There's a little Java script on this webpage which check for "Java Webstart" on your PC.  If you don't have it, this page will say "Need to install Java Web Start".  If you do have it, the page will show the "Launch remote coral" link -- in this case, the page will look like this:

The following links provide access to the Remote Coral system:

                   *Launch Remote Coral

                   *Launch Development Version of Remote Coral (Note: Extreme Caution!!!)

                   *Download Java Web Start

Problems? Click <here> for Instructions for downloading, installing, and running Remote Coral.

where "<here>" takes you to:

I'm afraid that all I know about remote Coral is what appears on these pages.  If you have any other issues with installing Java Webstart and running remote Coral, please contact the guys on the Coral Development Team (John Shott, Bill Murray, and Mike Bell.)  They can also be reached by "coral at"

Good luck!


"Dirk R. Englund" wrote:

> Hi,
> I was trying to set up remote access to Coral. In the document, it says
> "Once you have installed Java Web Start, go back to the SNF web site and click on the Remote Coral Access page listed above. You should see a link that says "Launch Remote Coral". (Note: there will also be a link that says Launch Development Version of Remote Coral ... don't click this link, it is virtually guaranteed to fail.) "
> I can't find the "launch remote coral" link, or the "REmote Coral Access" link for that matter.. Have the links been moved? How do I access Coral remotely now?
> Thanks--
> Dirk Englund

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