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> Labmembers:
> Just a reminder for those who may be interested:  technical
> representatives from Brewer Science will be here to talk about their
> line of materials for
> optoelectronics and MEMS applications.  Please see below for an overview
> of some of their products.  This presentation will be held on Friday,
> Jan. 30, at 10:30 am, in CIS 101 conference room (NOT the Auditorium.)
> ******************************************************
> Brewer Science's Specialty Materials Division is a supplier of novel
> materials for the optoelectronics and MEMS applications. Products
> include high refractive index polymers, protective coatings,
> lift-off/sacrificial layers, color filter materials, black matrix
> materials, passivation layers, planarization layers, alignment layers
> and other unique organic polymers.  The primary materials to be reviewed
> in this presentation are:
> OptiNDEXTM: Families of high refractive index spin on coatings based on
> two chemical platforms.  The first platform is metal oxide based
> chemistry, while the other is polymer based chemistry.  The spin applied
> metal oxide materials provide refractive indices up to 2.2 and the
> polymer materials provide refractive indices up to 1.74.
> ProTEKTM: A spun applied protective coating system for front side
> circuitry during backside KOH or HF processing.  This material is easily
> removed with acetone, plasma ashing, or thermal decomposition.
> PiRL III: A polymer material for use in metal or SU-8 lift-off, as a
> protective coating during wafer dicing, or as a sacrificial layer for
> creating free standing structures.  Unique to PiRL III is its ability to
> withstand up to over 350 degrees Celsius and still remain soluble in
> TMAH developers.
> Please review our website www.brewerscience.com/sm for these and other
> materials.
> *********************************************************
> Kim Ruben is a Technical Manager for the Research & Development Division
> within Brewer Science, Inc.  She has been with the company for 14 years,
> and has many responsibilities within not only the R&D division, but also
> the Chemicals Manufacturing Division.  She has an undergraduate degree
> in Chemistry/Biology, and a MBA from Webster University.  She is
> currently responsible for the development and commercialization of the
> ProTEK Protective Coatings Project.
> Mac Daily is responsible for new business development of the Specialty
> Materials Division of Brewer Science.  In this role Mac works with
> Brewer Science’s R&D Division, research and development centers, and
> potential customers to provide chemical solutions for unique
> applications.  Mac has been an engineer in the petrol-chemical and
> manufacturing industries for the last 20 years.  Mac’s previous
> assignment was as head of operations for Brewer Science’s Chemical
> Manufacturing Group.
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