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Tue Jul 20 12:56:20 PDT 2004

Umberto et al:
Actually this is a problem .... in their infinite wisdom, Microsoft has
chosen not to support platforms and operating systems other than their own.
As a result, Internet Explorer isn't available on the Solaris operating
system on a SPARC platform.  So, sadly, there is nothing that I can do to
help you.  Note: the mozilla browser that we run (which is based on the
original Netscape browsers) does run on all platforms and on all operating
So, I think that you only have 2 choices:
1. Talk Bill Gates into releasing Internet Explorer for a Solaris operating
2. Get your folks to update their system so that it does recognize Mozilla
which is, afterall, probably the second most widely used browser.
While I hate to sound so unhelpful, you've asked for something that isn't
remotely under my control to deliver.


Hi Umberto -- 

I'm afraid I don't know how to answer this, but am redirecting your question
to someone who can.   John Shott, who is our associate director, also
oversees the computing resources at SNF.  Questions like this can be
directed to him and the people in his group ("coral at"). 

Hope this helps. 


Umberto Ulmanella wrote: 


Good morning Mary, 

I have a question regarding the installation of Internet Explorer in the
computers in the clean-room. Specifically, the web browser installed in
those computers is not recognized by the our company's system, therefore we
cannot check e-mails and do other operations. I was wondering if it is ok
for us to install Internet Explorer on those computers, or whom should we
ask. As you may understand, it is a major problem for us to be isolated from
the company for a whole day while working in the clean room. 


Umberto Ulmanella 

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