weird security note while installing coral remote

Mark Topinka mtopinka at
Sun Oct 17 12:09:39 PDT 2004

Hi.  I just installed JRE5.0 and then Coral Remote on my computer.  While I 
was running coral remote for the first time, I got two security 
messages.  The first was from Stanford and seemed legit.  The second was 
from "The Legion of the Bouncy Castle" or something like that, and the 
dialog box said that this was _not_ from a trusted company.  I went to the 
snf coral installation website and it said to trust all installation 
security messages, so I did.  It seems to be working, but I'm very 
concerned that maybe I should have denied that second security 
message.  Why does coral remote have a message popping up from "The Legion 
of the Bouncy Castle?" - is that some kind of developers joke or 
something?  Please let me know whether I should be concerned about this 
second message.  Thank you   -Mark Topinka

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