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James Conway jwc at
Thu Aug 11 10:46:01 PDT 2005

Thank you Team Coral!

You Guys rock!

James Conway

John Shott wrote:

> SNF Lab Members:
> We have received several comments that the current reservation policy 
> that does not allow a reservation to be deleted after it has STARTED 
> is overly restrictive and, in particular, negatively impacts people 
> who would like to be good citizens and release unused portions of 
> their reservation if they finish early.
> This seems like a legitimate concern.  Accordingly, in the interest of 
> supporting behavior better sharing of and communication about scarce 
> resources, we've changed the reservation policy so that reservations 
> may now be deleted up until the END of the existing reservation time slot.
> We hope that this better meets the needs of the SNF member community. 
> If you have comment and suggestions about this or other Coral 
> features, please don't hesitate to send the either to me directly or 
> to coral at
> Thank you for your support,
> John
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