Reservation policy?

Mary Tang mtang at
Tue Feb 15 08:21:28 PST 2005

Hi John, et al --

I just checked with Jeannie and she says "OK!", so please, let's do it.  
She's about to send an email to metalica users about the policy change 
now -- hopefully, this will address the immediate concerns in the lab.



John Shott wrote:

> Mary:
> That's fine ... we should be able to accommodate anything pretty 
> easily.  I assume that you mean that a member/project combination 
> should not be able to have more than 4 hours of prime time reserved in 
> any one day, regardless of how many reservations it takes to reach 
> that limit.
> So, for example, for prime time of 8am-6pm M-F
> a single reservation of 2 pm to 10 pm would be legal (4 hours in prime 
> time and 4 hours ouside prime)
> However, trying to reserve from 12 pm to 2 pm and then 2 pm to 4 pm 
> would be legal, but trying to add 4 pm to 6 pm wouldn't be allowed.  
> Correct?
> Thanks,
> John
> Mary Tang wrote:
>> Hi all --
>> I believe Jeannie would like to implement a policy change on 
>> metalica.  It will probably be something along the lines of no more 
>> than 4 hours for a reservation during prime time.  I'll double check 
>> with her, but just wanted to warn you that the request would be 
>> coming soon...
>> Thanks,
>> Mary

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