Essential Chinese Phrases for a Successful Trip.

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We proudly present you a new booklet from , the best Chinese course provider over the Internet.

The booklet is called : "Essential Chinese Phrases for a Successful Trip".

It is a companion tool that you must have before you go to China. It consists of many basic words and expressions you will definitely find very useful when you begin your journey in China. These sentences and phrases have been printed out in three forms: English, PinYin and Chinese. The PinYin (phonetics) will help you to speak them out if you have learned PinYin from The best of all, you can point to the Chinese characters if you have a hard time speaking.

Outline of Contents

* Airport
* Greetings & Daily Phrases
* Introductions
* Asking Directions 
* At The Hotel
* Telephone
* Money
* Banking
* At The Post Office
* Dining Out
* Shopping
* Hospital 
* At the Pharmacy 
* At the barbershop
* Time & Date
* Number
* Color 
* Weather & Temperature 
* Departure/Farewell
* Signs
* Units Conversion Table
* Emergency Numbers              

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