Can we add "timed Coral enable" capability?

Ben Jian ben.jian at
Tue Jan 4 11:42:34 PST 2005


With the new lab fee structure, those of us who often forget to disable
machines will bear the bitter fruit of it. Staff members will probably
be bombarded with requests for machine time rollback.

One way to alleviate the situation is to install a feature on the Coral
so that when a user enables the machine, he predetermines how long the
machine will stay enabled. When the time enpires, the machine
automatically disables. However, this feature will be usable only on
machines which can tolerate sudden machine disabling. For example, EV
Align will not be able to use this feature. On the other hand, for wet
benches or photoresist tracks, it is OK.

Just my two cents.


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