Metalica adjustments

Adrian Tymes wingcat at
Wed Jul 20 17:56:39 PDT 2005

Yesterday afternoon, Coral apparently crashed while metalica was
enabled.  My group was taking over from the previous user - who was
running a bit late, but I'd reserved extra time just in case.  We began
pumpdown, but Coral apparently came back up during pumpdown; we enabled
once we noticed it was back up.

Upshot: for metalica, yesterday 7/19, please move the start of user
wingcat's activation to 4:15 PM (instead of ~5:30 PM), and end the
previous user's session at 4:15 PM.  (If you need to round to the
nearest half hour - your choice, but 4:15 was when the previous user
was actually done with the system and when we started.)

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