unable to log into coral

Bill Murray bmurray at snf.stanford.edu
Thu Jul 28 16:27:40 PDT 2005


Sorry I missed this email.  The sunray is really bogged down with lots
of runaway browser sessions.  I've restarted the sunray software so
things should be better.


On Thu, 28 Jul 2005, Nancy Latta wrote:

> Hey Bill,
> I can't gewt coral to come up.  I am able to get to the console and bottom
> task bar, but coral doesn't open up for me.  I had this problem this
> morning when I tried to use a card, but not even without a card (which
> reall *did* work at 10:10 this am....) I'm not getting corl.
> Folks in the lab have told me that it has been really slow coming up.....
> -Nancy

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