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Had it been, it could never have been taken for the guardswould have been upon me.
With the exception of one, a patrol boat,they all bore the personal insignia of the Jed of Tjanath. At the doorway I halted and turned toward them.
At the end of that time, come; but notbefore.
It is useless, Isaid to attempt to pierce forandus with cold steel.
At the ornate desk where the Jed of Tjanathsigned his decrees, I went to work.
Two warriors on duty at the top of the ramp almost blocked myfurther progress.
Not far from where I stood was the entrance to a ramp leading down intothe palace.
The padwar believes it may have been a fellow member of the guard.
Shehad not seen me, though doubtless she had heard me as I stepped aside.
I moved a short distance out of their course and then swung myperiscope toward them again. Stand aside quickly, Tavia, and keep Phao away from the window until Icall you again.
Then headdressed the man upon the throne.
But only for an instant were the two sentries overwhelmed byastonishment.
Youwill lead a better life as my slave than most free women live. The ramp was narrow and the man coming from behindmight easily bump into me. Theassassin of the hangar sentry has been discovered, he said.
Again the sirens and the gongs raised their wild alarm; again patrolboats gathered. Shehad not seen me, though doubtless she had heard me as I stepped aside.
But first we shall know who senthim here.
With my life, Hadron, forever, she whispered.
Great will be thereward of him who captures Hadron of Hastor, dead or alive.
On guard, you fool, unless you wish to dielike a sorak. I could see the people about me and it seemed inevitablethat I must be seen. 
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