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Cheer up, old man: the lost dogsalways find their way home.
You will be, miss, if the old lady drives the coloneltoo hard.
And get me two tubes of rose madder and a big oneof Chinese White, will you? She would have shoved me intothe war if I had needed any shoving. You are all in a conspiracy to murder mypoor lost darling child.
She has been at him all the morning, ever since shearrived; and I know the colonel. Oh, for heavens sake, Colonel, dont start her again.
Wretched boy: do not dare to trifle with me.
I should have become a drunkard had itnot been for the colors. Everybody within fifty miles is asking me to get a passportvisad. You thought you did, old man; but you reckoned without mymother. Are we any theless obsessed with a belief when we are denying it than when wewere affirming it?
We may as well be frank up to the point at which we shouldlose money by it. They wont admit any moreEnglish, sir: they say their lunatic asylums are too full already.
I do not qualify my apology in the least. I have never done anything whichgave me more thorough and hearty satisfaction.
Mrs Mopply appears striding resolutelyalong the beach.
You cannot be a gentleman on less than fifty thousand ayear nowadays, sergeant.
But if I settle down withthis girl she will keep the others off. What the gentleman heresaid about our all falling into a bottomless pit came home to me. Women have to set themselves apart to join them. There are moments when I wish some otherman would.
Nature never intended me forsoldiering or thieving: I am by nature and destiny a preacher. 
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