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Ihad to knock him up and threaten him with your official ire to gethim downtown at this early hour.
When we were alone, Markham looked seriously at Vance. Leacock drew a deep breath, and set his mouth doggedly. Clair was morecapable of shooting his brother than was the captain. Why this irrational insistence that he remain at large?
Why this irrational insistence that he remain at large?
His tone indicated that he was pained at theothers obtuseness.
A conspiracy of circumstnces, dont y know. He stood for a while puffing at it, rolling it betweenhis fingers, and inspecting it critically.
Thesegentlemen are working with me on the case.
But the smile did not spring from within.
A few minutes later Markhamand Pfyfe arrived; and we went at once into one of the conferencerooms.
Markham sat leaning forward over the desk, his chin on his hand,like a minatory graven image. I may not have it in my hand, Markham countered. Clair away from his friend, and taken this means of wreaking alittle revenge on him. Markham smiled awkwardly and avoided Vances eyes. Have you lent your gun to anyone since you returned from France? I just saw Pfyfe get into a taxi, he said, when he had sat down.
Am I suspected of complicity in the crime?
At that moment Vance did an amazing thing. But he neitherglanced at the district attorney nor spoke.
Since then he has done nothing that I know of.
Markham received this piece of unexpected information with aperplexed frown.
But the smile did not spring from within. It rather pleases me to have my impressions verifiedby one who has known him so long.
How intimate are your relations with Major Benson? He lifted his head and frowned fixedly into space, like onesearching for an elusive memory.
I picked up the bird while he was waiting for the elevator, theman began, eyeing Markham craftily. Colonel Ostrander wasvoluble, but his fluency was vague and disorganized. Higginbotham was a wiry, pale-faced youth with fishy eyes and ashifty manner.
Those words sound strangely familiar, Vance smiled.
Pfyfe that I was stopping over in NewYork.
Markhams eyes lost their hardness; he understood Vances motive andforgave him. That wouldhave made the discovery of the car even less likely. From what you told me the other day, Igot the impression there was a woman involved. I hope so, for all our sakes, returned Markham kindly. This Leander, Ifear, would never have swum the Hellespont for a ladys sake. 
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