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All mighty mysterious to me, the constable admitted again.
Going to shoot the tails off the rats, most likely, Eden smiled.
My wifetold me I never ought to take this job. I dont know where were going, but were on our way, Eden answered. At alittle past eight they heard the sound of a car entering the yard. After that,he can worry about who was killed at Maddens ranch. The coroner, a brisk young man, also went to the couch and began anexamination.
If only I could look at this country again with a fresh,disinterested eye. Well, its no wonder Madden wasperplexed, is it?
I told you it looked terrible mysterious to me, commented theconstable. You want um taxi driver why you no say so?
I dont know that I could put the feeling into words.
However, he reflected that he was about fed up with thisarrogant, callous millionaire.
They stepped aside as an automobile swung by them and entered Maddensyard. Ill have Ah Kim drive you into town in themorning, and you can catch the Barstow train.
He led the waythrough the bright living-room, past Mr. For to admire and for to see, for to behold this world so wide, saidEden.
Outside of that, its just another problem forus to puzzle over. He wasnt ableto come to meet you himself. Once more, returned Chan, I call to your attention that much unusedvirtue, patience.
But that condition dont last longwith me. White menleap about similar to bug in bottle.
As they went through the gate, the telegram changed hands. Oh, for Petes sake, shut up, cried Bliss. Through long centuriesChinese cultivate patience like kind gardener tending flowers.
But that condition dont last longwith me.
Ill have the inquest in there, but I may want to bring my jurorsout here sometime tomorrow. 
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