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She ran towards him, pulled his face down, and kissedhis cold cheek.
Theres been money between us from thestart.
Once again the tears came into her eyes,and once again she fought them back. After all, one is never quite alone; there are alwaysfriends, lovers, relatives. The ads in the undertakers window caughtGordons eye. He hadnever in his life READ a book himself, nor could he conceive whyanyone should want to do so.
His tirades against the money-morality hadbeen a kind of joke between them. As a matter of fact Ive heard all about that.
After all,what do you achieve by refusing to make money? He had taken a liking to her in their single meeting and thoughtshe might cheer Gordon up. Flaxmans wife had forgiven him,and he was back at Peckham, in aspidistral bliss.
Mr Cheeseman shot a meaning glance athim and answered in the same clipped manner as before:Oh, eh?
That awful mixed smell of slops andhaddock on the stairs!
I think youre quite right not to sellyourself to that advertising agency. He was just thebloke at the library, and practically one of themselves. Until this visit he had notrealized what kind of neighbourhood Gordon was living in.
All of them saw Gordon and grasped his status. Even Flaxmanhad sent a line to wish him luck.
Before this business they had never met, but nowRosemary had got to know Julia somehow. Ravelston had introduced Gordon to Hermione acouple of days ago, and she had treated him like dirt. As soon as he had made this discovery hedeveloped as astonishing flair for bookdealing.
The ads in the undertakers window caughtGordons eye. There was no TROUBLEabout a job like this; no room for ambition, no effort, no hope. You can even get buried on the hire-purchase. Whenever a clergyman died Mr Cheesemanwas on the spot with the promptness of a vulture. The whole atmosphere of this place had givenRavelston a kind of shock.
In less than a week hisappearance had deteriorated strangely.
One night the bugs came out of one ofthe cracks and marched across the ceiling two by two. The New Albionwouldnt take me back, he said shortly.
He must get out ofthis place, and quickly! But now it had got to be said, and she would come straightout with it.
Life had beaten him; but youcan still beat life by turning your face away. And then you expect people to give you a job! 
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