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Hes the most intellectually honest creature Godever made. Hewondered what they made of his shrunken body.
Had he not missed something, and, missingit, had failed somehow in one of the duties of man? If convenient, sir, the gentleman could come along now, saidCruddock. I went downto Westchester to see an old friend.
As an invalid, slowly growing feebler, alwaysexpectant of death? Now he must be aware every hour of its ignoble frailty.
Only now that hisbody was failing did he realise how little he had used it.
Her eyes were like hersisters, a cool grey with sudden lights in them which changedtheir colour. Yousee, he hadnt any special tastes outside his business to make himkeen about leisure. Its mighty fine to see you again, Sir Edward.
Felicity Galliard was a fair edition of her sister Barbara. He had a pretty good education ofan old-fashioned kind. Leithen turned his eyes to the tall woman at his left hand.
Thank goodness he is a careerdiplomat and can show himself about the world.
He cares aslittle about his origin as Melchizedek. He never used a French phrase except whenhe was tired or upset.
Impossible, for it was associated tooclosely with his years of vigour. He leaned forward in his chair and sank hisvoice. There cant be much of the introvert in Francis. Hes on the John Hopkins staff and ismaking a big name for himself in lung surgery. Ihavent forgotten what you did for me when I was up against theDelacroix bunch. Hewondered what they made of his shrunken body. But he spent a few minutes in the library, to whichthe men retired for coffee and cigars.
Are you certain that hequite fitted into it? He likes my Eric, buthasnt seen much of him in recent years. There was a quality here, undependable,uncertain, dangerous perhaps, but rare and unmistakable. Whathad caused this sudden satiety with success?
If I aint the blightedest, God-darnedblundering fool! Theyve got a fine apartment in ParkAvenue and her dinners have become social events. 
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