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It gives me a freedomthat I could not enjoy as a single woman. Judo is what ignorant people calljujitsu.
Have youever been knocked out by a punch in the solar plexus? When you mix the two solutions the tartaric and potash willcombine and make tartrate of potash.
It was quite innocent; but where could I go to when youdrove me out of the house by your tantrums?
I try to keep it in check; but I am afraid I have alittle.
You are sure that they have all died painlessly andinstantaneously?
No, thank you: I should lose my self-respect. But the matter is not in your hands, Mr Fitzfassenden.
And I am afraid I do cost him a good deal; for he likesme to have nice things that I cant afford.
He is asplendid athlete, with most of his brains in his muscles. Did I go through hell to get that money and win you ordid I not? I dream of it sometimes: its my worst nightmare. The creature was not used to money;and it transfigured him. You will take the law from me and do exactly what I tell you to do.
Its not right thatwe should sit here arguing about him to his face.
But how did he make the fifty thousand pounds?
You are allconsulting me; but none of you has given me any instructions. Your wife is the mostadorable woman on earth. The whole townwent mad about the angry-eyed woman.
I dream of it sometimes: its my worst nightmare. I saw him win an amateur heavy weight championship.
Thats what keeps him at the top in thecity.
Adrian is on the board; but he has no business ability.
My father was the greatest man in the world. If I questionedyour solvency, that would be a libel.
The tartaricacid is harmless: the chemist will think you want it to makelemonade. Yourea jolly sight more careful of my money than I am myself. I have stuck to my money; and I shall continue tostick to it. The audience hootedand booed; but they could not make themselves heard above yourroaring. 
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