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Then they were all acquainted, he said slowly. I discovered that before I went into the house last night!
Theres a Jesuit room somewhere in the house, according to all Ive heard, he said. They went out into the open, where Dick had left his car. But I cant allow Miss Lansdown to stay here - -  he began. I cannot possibly get to you until the early hours of tomorrow morning.
What would she not give to have this calm personality at her elbow now!
Dick went along the walls, tapping each panel, but they seemed solid enough.
The hollow clang came back to him faintly.
He was a little annoyed when his information failed to produce the sensation he had anticipated. I do one room a week, and Ive been rather busy today in the garden and hadnt time until after tea.
Their search finished, they went back to the library.
Hes driven it flat into Horsham to get new tyres and he wanted me to ask you to wait for him.
Only once did Dick interrupt, and that was to ask a question about the red pellets. A narrow flower - bed ran under the windows, and a broad stone path ran parallel with its facade.
Thats right, he said, in no sense abashed. He told himself a dozen times that the girl could be in no immediate danger without his knowing.
They had passed the first vegetable bed and had reached the beginning of the second.
It was in the same hand as all the letters he had seen.
But it is news to me that they were acquainted.
Dick glanced at Sneed and saw, by the fat mans face, that he agreed. You never know how many nephews people have, said the indifferent Sneed. The telephone wire was easy; it was cut outside the house.
It required the exercise of a supreme will to prevent herself from collapsing.
As he gazed at the door he saw a panel shiver.
But it is news to me that they were acquainted. I hope Miss Lansdown will agree to stay, he said.
I think it wouldnt be a bad idea - -  began Sneed.
Can you account for the ladder which we found against the house? The key was in the lock, she saw, and peered fearfully down into its dark depths. A struggle on grass would leave few signs except to the careful observer.
Every tyre had been slashed in a dozen places and was quite flat. A few more minutes passed, and then: We can get up now, I think.
But I beg of you to go immediately to Selford Manor.
Satisfied, Mr Stalletti addressed himself to opening the third tomb.
Miss Lansdown must, of course, go back to her mother, said Dick.
It may be a friend of the caretakers, said Dick, and pulled the bell. 
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