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Then he removed the straps from the papers she had leftand began reading.
Silas had been, to him, a veritable idol, a king who could do nowrong. Why didnt she, or her husband, get rid of them long ago?
Trent was, as always,carefully dressed, in marked contrast to the disheveled group aboutthem.
EitherMaybelle or Chris could hold it over tother in case anything didcome out. Then hecrossed the room, seized a chair by the back and swung it intoplace at his nephews elbow. Elizabeth was the onlydirect heir, anyhow, and shes sole executor. Abijah Bradfordcould have endorsed murder sooner than that. I judge you didnt hear her thank me last night.
Why shouldnt it end happily, as it did inthe books?
He is the one Silas speaks of as liable to be anuisance, in that letter of his you just read. Themtwo aint had any row betwixt em, have they? She was mad, butprobably shell get over it. His cheeks were blue and his teeth chattered.
Most everybody I know seems to think youdid a pretty good job. His uncles first move was to close and lock the door. But neither he nor others laughed much longer.
When he and she met, soit was said, she was very cool, even distant. There was a timethere when you and she were pretty sociable, as I remember. Thatshis picture over yonder on the wall. Why, because she thought I ought to see em, I presumelikely. She said shedtalk with me again sometime.
Then hastily, Please dont ask me what I mean. Then, I wonder, she said, with some hesitation, if you couldspare me a few minutes? I dont understand it, boy, he said, with a puzzled frown. That aint so bad for a volunteer firebrigade, eh? Thats a terrible thing for meto say, but its what Ive been thinkin half the night through.
There were jokes and some laughter, of course, but withthem praise and appreciation.
If you are going to mother now, Idont want you to. Andpoor Silas, the fellow they made the monkey of, died.
Yes, she did have a box there, with her securities andstocks and all that in it.
Your mother tells me when you broke in thedoor she was busy stuffin her duds into a safe.
Youve got yourself talkedabout again, son. He assured her that he was not in the least busy, drew up a chairand begged her to be seated. Therefore the revelations contained in the papers hidden in Mrs.
If anybody knows more than I do Ill findit out. Written in ink upon the slip of paper held bythe elastic bands were the words: Golconda Matter.
Ship and cargo wereheavily insured, the amount of insurance stated.
I wouldnt say youd got in wrong,exactly, he observed. 
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