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How triumphant to bealive, to have found his mate, to be above and beyond fear!
To Maria lying inbed listening it seemed Lucia would never return.
She had, however,presence of mind enough to welcome him with congratulations on hisimprovement. She raised the light up and down several times, but therewas no answer. She faltered bewildered bythe endless possibilities. You must come with me even inthe gown which I shall give you. A foreboding note in its many voices thathe had not heard before kept recurring.
An access of wonder, and unreasoningpity overcame her.
Butnow that whole hilltop was murmurous with wings, and vibrant with apassion of light and heat. He beat his gloves on his arm till ittingled.
In her dreams they came clearer than ever and left herweak and distrait in the morning.
She raised the light up and down several times, but therewas no answer. Thestrength of his hands made even his lightest touch seemthreatening.
He would soak himself for half a day in the hot water.
Without doubt the impressionalready made was a good one.
It is our child, she cried aloud throwing up her arms, ours! If Denis would only come and take her away! Down there, down there inthe forest, he was going to meet her at the old mill. Without analysing it, he noted the changewith satisfaction. I spoke to him through the window, madame. 
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