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Do you know, said Gwennie, what I do at home when Father orMother wont let me do things. Did you really want to hear that missionary?
He was ashock-headed urchin with his grandmothers wicked green eyes. There were some spots on her dress,too, but that did not matter.
Lilys peeved to-day, grinned Granny as Lily disappeared withouta word.
It was a tumbledown little placewith too many brown paper windowpanes.
To reach the blacksmith shop, to gasp outher tale, took all the breath she had.
Marigold resolved to forget thecatastrophe of the blueberry wine. And I made up my mindId be just as ladylike as you.
I boxed her ears this morning cause she left the soap inthe water.
Marigoldbelieves it was simply predestination.
And Gwendolen always ate justwhat was put before her and NEVER ate too much. And if you two small skeesicks want to come along whyjust come. She looked like an angel, but they do be saying shepisened her man.
I had four so I ought to know something ofthe breed.
I had four so I ought to know something ofthe breed.
Weve got to vamoose until they get over that dining-room.
For de love of all de saints, said Phidime. Andmaybe shell let Lily give us a bite of dinner.
I dont believe THAT, said Marigold rudely. If youcould see him and keep on seeing him hed lead you to a pot ofburied gold. Eventually the file was found, and he started up the road like thegrim black ogre of fairy-tales.
She was very well satisfied with Sylvia again. Yes, and pull my head clean off, snapped Gwendolen.
I never saw a child so free from greediness, said Aunt Josephine.
It gave Marigold ashock to realise that anybody could do that and live.
She could never have been beautifulbut she was not under any necessity of being beautiful. I dont like the look of the place much, whispered Gwen.
Theres Aunt Clara and Lord Percy, whispered Varvara to Marigold. Youll haveto let her have it trimmed decently now. And if thrills were what shewas after, she had had enough in one moment to last several weeks. 
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