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You remember that night you got shot robbing somebodys henhouse?
You didnt mean aword of all this rigmarole.
Willscertainly not quality folks and some of your people were.
I just thought Id be polite and notmention them, seeing that Ashleys a guest under this roof. He was regretting that he had notrun away with her! But Ive heard tell from you all bout what he used to be like.
But youve got nothing to sustainyou, have you, child? I never said he wasnt but hes as helpless as a turtle on hisback.
And a heap lower than the man shemarried. Scarlett looked at her, her brow wrinkling with the effort todigest the words. Still he did not speak and finally, her words trailedinto silence.
Alex said he saw him come out on the street, chargin like a bull. Scarletts heart swelled with affection and gratitude to Will whohad done all of this.
But I do like it, thought Scarlett trying to grasp the old ladysmeaning. There aint no place for them in the world thesedays, and theyre happier bein dead.
Scarlett dont any moreneed your arm than she needs crutches and Im not so peart, as Willobserved.
It all sounds like tootle to me, she said coldly. I havent done so bad, she thought, lifting her chin and smiling.
With transportation so limited it was kindof so many to come.
I cant knock Grandma Fontaine down or old man McRae either, and Icant hold my hand over Mrs. Scarletts eyes began to snap fire and her hands to clench andunclench.
Yes, said Scarlett, looking the old lady full in the eye. And poor Honey was always a man-crazyfool with no more sense than a guinea hen.
Did helook after him when he was sick and feeble?
When he had finished, Ashley opened wide his sad gray eyes andlooked about the crowd.
And then we seen him way down at the end of the pasture. 
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