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The master noticed it, and said, What are you grinning at? The girl sat down on a chair and almost fainted with fear.
Well, then, we came to a village down near Aabenraa, and I got myquarters with a farmer.
Every time I look at the tree, I think of Brass-Jens.
And as for the coachman and the servants, wecant trust them.
Ma-Ibs was not very happy about that suitor. A couple of hourslater, as day was dawning, the squadron started off.
One might havethought he was ready to fly at the man and beat him. Heres the boy with the cows, said Ib, and sat down on a three-leggedstool. Sejer was watering his fathers horses, but hedidnt whistle as he was in the habit of doing. Idont know where we were, but we didnt see anything of the war.
If you agree withme, mamma, well send her back this blessed day.
The three in the hill at home wont forgeteither him or the good folks in Uannet. There are some in the wood box, said the old woman. Ib sat on thebed and prayed to God who has power to save whom He will.
There are some in the wood box, said the old woman. The chamberlain silently took possession ofit.
Oh, he said, my father was called Ole Breadless, and I suppose Illhave the same name. There are some in the wood box, said the old woman. Have you come to see about leasing a farm again? For if we send her away alone, whoknows what she might do?
I went down and talked about the bays, both that day and the next. 
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