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While he was still cogitating he got a second letter from Troth.
He had little to say to me except to repeat his thanksfor my kindness. If we were makingno progress with Haraldsens business we were at any rate mendinghis health. Anyhow, there we are, andan infernal worrying business it is. Ive never gone backon my word or funked a duty.
If you dont agreeto that, then youll jolly well stand out, and Ill take it onmyself. Ive justgot on the track of a rather ugly affair.
The name of Troth appeared in some of them.
Well, I said, I think Ive got the lay-out. And then he got a letter signedLancelot Troth which had effectively scared him. Were all getting old, of course, but youre notacquiring the virtues of age.
They might kidnap her, and then I should assuredly gomad. Haraldsen had taken to him atHanham, and I thought that his company might be wholesome for him.
Then hes a first-class, six-cylindered, copper-bottomedhighbrow.
Well, its not the kind of thing you could sue on, I saidcheerfully.
Did you ever hear anything more preposterous?
I had a long talk about him with Jack Godstow. His line is not the fanatic, but the superior critic of humanfollies.
The net is drawing in on me, and I know frommany small things that they are very close on my trail. I tell you what, Lombard,this all sounds to me like sheer hallucination.
I gathered that the old man had been disappointed,but had made the best of it.
I asked if all this intelligentsia business might not be a dodge tohelp Barraltys city interests.
I know enoughabout old Haraldsen to be able to cross-examine with some effect. Now were getting on familiar ground, he said. You know that yourself, for you saw old Peter Pienaar account forhim.
The father was a bit of a rogue whodied years ago somewhere in Africa. Trothhad succeeded to his fathers business as a solicitor, and bore apretty shady repute. Ill cross-examine him and riddle out the business.
But I was happy, he said in his gentle voice. But he was in an appalling condition ofnerves. This is theadvice he makes Amasis give to his friend Polycrates. But there was nothing in the old Haraldsen business to hurt yourcredit, I said.
Was there any chanceof my being in town in the coming week, and if so, could we meet? 
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